Product FAQs

Bathing Tips

General Tips - Bathing Solutions

  • Bathing your dog is as much about skin and coat care as simply cleaning. Use quality shampoo formulated for your pet’s skin and coat needs.
  • For traditional bathing, the Oster® brand offers a line of Natural Extract Shampoo available in soothing scents like Lavender, Coconut, Pomegranate and Cucumber Lemongrass.
  • Bathing requirements will vary depending on breed and lifestyle, but regular bathing is essential to overall skin and coat health.
  • Spend time choosing a shampoo formulation that is appropriate for your dog's skin and coat condition. We’ve got a shampoo for every kind of dog, and a choice of colognes too.
  • Place cotton balls in the dog's ears to prevent water from getting inside the ear canal.
  • Just like us, dogs prefer warm water to cold when bathing. Just be careful not to use water over 100º Fahrenheit (37,7º C).
  • Wash the face, ears, foot pads and sanitary areas by hand using a hypoallergenic shampoo like the Oster® Hypoallergenic Shampoo and warm water.
  • When bathing, always be sure all the shampoo is completely rinsed out in order to avoid drying the skin and coat.
  • For best results, always brush your dog following a bath and again when completely dry. A good comb like those in the Oster® Premium Comb Set should glide through the coat easily.

Product Tips - Bathing Brush

  • When using the Clean & Healthy Bathing Brush, massage it into your pet’s coat with a gentle circular motion. Don’t use too much downward pressure, or stay on the same area for an extended period of time, or it might be uncomfortable on their skin.
  • It’s perfect for bathing, but you can use it to massage your pet at any time.

Product Tips - Colognes

  • Oster® Dog Colognes and Cat Colognes are a great way to help neutralize any unwanted animal odor, and leave them with a lovely fresh scent instead.
  • They are alcohol-free and won’t irritate their skin, so you can use all over their body.
  • They also give an extra sheen to your pet’s coat, so it's a good preparation for any special occasion
  • Keeping one in your pocket can be handy on long days out for a quick freshen up.

Product Tips - Paw Cleaner

Our paw cleaner has a handy double function. Not only will the detachable handle brush your pet, you can also use it to pick up lint from your car. Now that’s a tool well worth having.

Professional Tips - Bathe your pet after swimming

Always bathe your pet after a swim as they can pick up chlorine from pools and bacteria when swimming in a lake, river or the ocean. Use Oster® All Purpose Shampoo to remove dirt & debris leaving your dog with a healthy coat.